The most luxurious texture in wigs continues to be human hair. Our Jacquelyn's European Texture Human Hair wigs are fashioned from the finest human hair available, giving the appearance of your own natural hair. This natural human hair contains an amazing response that gives the flexibility of complete styling changes and more, with its' natural diversity accepting perms and even changing the current color. Our human hair wigs are made with expert crafting using the finest materials to create wigs that are a work of art and functionality. Because of this high standard of quality, our human hair wigs are the most expensive, and the best wigs available among your choices.

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C.R.F.T. 1

C.R.F.T. 2

C.R.F.T. 3

C.R.F.T. 4
C.R.F.T. 5

Euro Refined 1

Euro Refined 2

Euro Refined 3

Euro Refined 4